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Artist's statement / Bio

Ashu Pine (1994~ )

Ashu Pine’s activities are based in Tokyo but she works internationally. She continues to create works that beautifully depict darkness based on her past experiences. ‘Inexplicable attraction’ has been a central theme of her work since her early days. Cave, one of Ashu Pine's representative works, abstractly and delicately expresses the charm of limestone caves showing that they are more than just dark caves.


Ashu Pine has had an affinity for painting since she was a child, and when her parents gave her oil paints as a gift, she began to take her painting to a higher level. Although she was young, she won prizes in competitions and began to feel a sense of fulfillment in her painting. In 2019, she exhibited her hobby works at a painting auction in Catalonia, Spain, under the pseudonym Ashu. A local gallery purchased her work and even signed her as an artist. She was delighted to have her works recognized without exposing her name or face when she did an exhibition sale, and began her career as Ashu Pine in earnest. Now she has received offers to exhibit her work at several exhibitions in Japan and abroad.

She is a Condé Nast Certified Creator and Influencer.

Condé Nast Japan - publishers of VOGUE JAPAN and GQ JAPAN.



Heart Art in TOKYO, Excellent Prize

Christmas Art Competition, Special Jury Prize


Japan Art Peace Contribution, Grand Prize

AIDS Charity Art Exhibition,Kyoto Governor's Prize

Japan-France Art Exchange, Grand Prize

Orange Ribbon Peace Contribution Award




ART SHOW (Saatchi Gallery.London)

FOCUS ART FAIR LONDON (Fitzrovia Gallery,London)

Daegu Art Fair (Exco, Daegu, South Korea)

Heart Art in TOKYO (The New National Museum,Tokyo) Excellent Place

Christmas Art Competition (Red Brick Warehouse,Yokohama), Special Jury Prize


Original Stamp Exhibition for thinking War and Peace (Okinawa Prefectural Museum of Art, Okinawa)

Japan Art Peace Contribution,Grand Prize

AIDS Charity Exhibition (Kyocera Museum of Art, Kyoto)Kyoto Governor's Prize

World Art Dubai (Dubai World Trade Center,Dubai)

Mirai Exhibition in Minato Mirai(Minato Mirai Gallery)

Japan-France Art Exchange, Grand Prize

National Museum of Singapore (National Gallery,Singapore)

One World (Sant Pau Hospital,Barcelona)

Ashu Pine Attracted for No Reason Solo Exhibition, (Sakuramag Gallery,Tokyo)

Heart Art inFUKUOKA 2022(Fukuoka City Art Museum,Fukuoka)

MOMENT to LAST(Daikanyama Hillside Terrace.Tokyo)

Art puzzles and peace(Setagaya Art Museum,Tokyo)

FOCUS ART BOOM (Louvre Museum,Paris)

Graphic Art exhibition(RECTO VERSO GALLERY,Tokyo


Salon Art Shopping Paris (Louvre, Paris)

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