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Artist's statement / Bio


Ashu Pine (1994~ )

Contemporary Artist.

Born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

Based in Tokyo, I continue to create and exhibit artworks worldwide.

My artworks are beautifully portray "darkness" from past experiences.

I have consistently created artworks with the theme of “ being attracted without reasons.”   

In 2016, I was attracted by Castellana Cave that I dropped by,

while traveling in Southern Italy.

I had felt that the beauty in the darkness of the cave is similar to my art expression “drawing the darkness beautifully”, and I begun to create  "cave" works in order to tell that limestone cave is not just a "dark cave".

In 2019, my work got highly evaluated. A Spanish gallery dealt my three artworks, and all of them sold for around USD10,000 within half a year.

I was deeply moved by the fact that my art work was appreciated by people without disclosing my personal information, and I decided to become a professional artist. Now, my "cave" works have been invited to multiple exhibitions in Japan and overseas.